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5 Ways Video Can Enhance Customer Support

By February 16, 2018Blog

Customer support is one detail that can make or break a business, especially when you want existing customers to keep coming back. People remember when a company treated them right…and when it treated them wrong. So if you’re looking for techniques to make your company memorable in the right way, you need to enhance your customer support. And leveraging technology is a major part of that. More specifically, integrating video into customer support tactics is the new way to improve results when it comes to keeping customers happy. Here’s how it works.

Give Your Customers the Power to Manage Their Needs

Today’s technology makes it possible for people to find the answers they need online with a simple search. In other words, it’s quick and easy for people to help themselves. Most customers who have a question will head to your website. Rather than encouraging them to immediately call you, provide them with videos that have the answers they’re looking for. They’ll appreciate getting fast answers instead of having to call and be put on hold for customer support.

Make Difficult Information Easier to Understand

Maybe your website already features documents to help customers, such as product manuals, tutorials, or FAQs. But not everyone is going to want to read pages of information that they might not understand. Presenting the information in video format will appeal more to your customers and increase their engagement. After all, 59 percent of people say they’d choose to watch video content over reading text! That shows a pretty clear preference for video.

Personalize Your Video Content

Personalization is a big trend lately, so use this technique to further enhance customer service. One recent benchmark report showed that engagement was noticeably higher for personalized videos, so it makes sense to make your video content unique to each customer whenever possible. Whether you say their name in the video or simply focus on details specific to their problem, personalized content is an important way to enhance customer support through video.

Use Analytics to Improve the Process

When your site features videos for customers to watch, you have a simple way to collect some data.  You can see when each person stopped watching the video or skipped ahead to the next section. If you start to see a clear pattern, you can tweak your videos by cutting content or presenting it differently until you notice viewers watching the whole video. And of course, if you can see that most customers watch your videos but still need to call you for support afterward, this is a clue that your videos aren’t helping like they should, and you can edit accordingly.

Save Time

Overall, providing customer support via video will save you time and trouble. When customers can simply go to your site and watch videos for answers to their questions, you’ll get fewer calls and emails about problems, freeing up your staff’s time to work on any issues that a video can’t solve. It’s essentially a screening process for customer support, and that ultimately helps your customers and staff alike!

Do you use videos for customer support purposes? If not, this is the year to try out this trend!

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