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Video Content Creation Ideas for Your Business

By March 15, 2018Blog

Ready to start adding video to your marketing? Great news! In order to stay competitive and keep your customers engaged you NEED video. But where do you start? Planning out what to film and how to film it can become an overwhelming task. Don’t worry, it’s not as much work as you think! Our quick video provides you with 3 video content ideas to get you and your team to start brainstorming your next shoot. Once you begin shooting, you will soon realize the opportunities are endless in the world of video.

Feeling creative now? Great! First things first, start by writing your ideas down. Start thinking about what the key points are you are trying to get across, how you would envision it appearing online and how your video will benefit the business. When planning your videos, it’s very important to make sure the content aligns with your businesses goals and brand identity.

Keeping Video Top of Mind

Inspiration for video content can come in many forms. Think about some barriers your company may have with their customers or prospects. Could this be resolved or explained with a quick video online? Is your company kicking off a new campaign? Adding video to the campaign could drive more engagement and increase the overall campaign ROI. Thinking of video as a solution to opportunities your company faces is a great way to decide what your next video should be.

What about editing & post-production?

That’s where we come in! Vid Pro Quo is your solution for all your video editing and post-production needs. Think of us as your In-house post production team without the costly salary. You send us your footage, we edit, add music, graphic bumpers with your branding, then send it right back to you as a nice, finished project. Our video experts guide you through the process, educate you on best practices when shooting your videos and provide ideas and inspiration for your next shoot.

Super easy, no stress, great videos.

Let’s get started.

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